Target Finds

Target, the place where you go to pick up one or two things and end up buying things you never knew you needed or with something completely different from what you intended to buy. Here are a few of my recent purchases that have been getting a lot of wear.


  1. Layered Ruffle Blouse-I love the flow of this top and is perfect for pairing with a pair of cut-offs or with some dark denim jeans. I got mine in the white and black polka dot print, but might have to go back for the fiery red floral version.
  2. Prarie Maxi Dress -I have to stop myself from wearing this everyday. Easily one of my most favorite items in my closet and it doesn’t hurt that I tend to get the most compliments while wearing this dress. I love wearing this with short ankle boots or lace up flats for a more feminine look.
  3. Off the shoulder top– I love the detailing on this top and i think tops with smocked bottoms can be flattering. Perfect for wearing denim of every cut and style and an all around great top for summer.
  4. Post Dangle Earrings– When I do wear earings, I usually opt for a simple stud, however as soon as I saw these I had to have them. I like that they are a post earring and love the mixed metal. DangleEarrings
  5. Gold Front Back Earring– I have 2 pairs of earrings in the same style( white and a gray faux pearl, but loved the simple statement look of the gold. I also love this faux pearl version as well.earrings


What are some of your favorite things you’ve picked up at Target lately?



Spring fashion haul

While the snow is falling outside the window and blanketing my car and driveway, I am fantasizing about Spring. While I love wearing layers of clothes and sweaters, all of my recent purchases show Spring time is on my mind and the warmer weather that’s to come. While I have purchased  more clothes (and shoes)than I have in a while, I’ve been trying to fill in gaps in my closet(mostly blouses). Here are my Spring clothing purchases from the past few weeks.


1Anorak Jacket- After looking through countless options online, I got lucky and found one on sale at a local boutique that was going out of business. The longer length makes this a great alternative to a cardigan for spring time and the light weight material makes this perfect for transition weather. I couldn’t find the exact one online ,but found some that are similar.


2.As soon as I saw this blouse on ChichWish I knew I needed to add it to my closet. One of the big trends continuing into spring are bell sleeves and ruffles. I love the detailing on the sleeve and the contrast against the blue and white stripes.fullsizeoutput_75_fotor

3.Since I’ve been loving mom jeans and high waisted jeans, I wanted to find a boxy cropped length top. This cropped shirt by Spiritual Gangster was another find from the botique that was closing. It  isn’t too short and the boxy fit makes this perfect to throw on top of jeans and head out the door. I also love that this is a graphic tee since I have been wanting to add a few more to my closet. While I couldn’t find the exact one online, I did find some similar ones.

4.I have been on the hunt for a body suit, more specifically a henley style. While browsing the American Eagle website, I happened to find this and immediately ordered it.  I love the deep v-neck and the ribbed fabric. I have a feeling this is going to get a lot of wear and plan on picking this up in white.

5.Lately I have been obsessed with blue, maybe because I’ve avoided this shade for a while(more specifically lighter shades).While shopping around downtown a few weekends I immediatly gravitated to this top since the shade caught my eye and noticed this also happened to be an off the shoulder top(even better!). I can’t wait for it to warm up so I can wear this. I found a few tops that are similar to this one




1.I ended up finding this while at the Free People store this weekend. While it’s on the website for full prince, I lucked out and found it on sale for $29.99 plus an extra 30% off! While it’s actually a tunic, I bought it to wear around this house as an alternative to a robe(working remotley has it’s perks).I love the floral print and the tie detailing on the sleeves.FP.jpg

2.Another Free People find, I have been looking for a mock neck tank top and I love the flowy fit of this.It has just a little bit of drape to and will look great with a bralette under it. I decided to go with the plum color (I own enough black and white tank tops)since it will give a pop of color to black jeans or have a great vibrant contrast with white jeans.

3.It wouldn’t be a haul without me featuring Old Navy shoes. I went in with the intentions to buy the mint colored loafers, however these white perferated moccasins just screamed warm sunny weather. If you can actually believe it, I own flats in every color except brown. These brown ballet flats  were on sale for $9.99 plus an extra 30% off and knew I couldn’t leave the store without them.

4.How can you mention spring time without thinking of greenery and flowers. I ended up falling in love with the planters at Anthropologie store and had a hard time narrowing it down. Since the bf and I had discussed growing some fresh herbs , I knew these herb pots would be perfect . Since they are cement, they have some weight to them  and I love the detailing on them. Now we just need to choose which herbs to plant. While at Anthro,this planter caught my eye when I saw it and was a steal at$14(especially for Anthropologie). I’m still deciding on where this planter is acutally going to go and what I’m going to put in it. I’m thinking of picking up this tree trunk planter or this pink ridged teracotta in the large size.fullsizeoutput_78.jpeg


5.I had been eyeing this top on the Madewell website for a while. When I saw it at the store and tried it on I knew this was coming home with me even though this is a long sleeve version almost identical to a shirt I own already from Madewell. However since I love the print of it so much, I had to add this to my closet. While the shirt is light weight, it still manages to have some weight to it which makes it perfect for a cooler night or when it’s a little chilly out.

6.Because I don’t own enough short sleeve tops from Madewell , I ended up picking this up as well. I love the effortlessness of this top. I love the vertical stripes and I love the cut of this blouse especially the sleeves, which keep it from being your every day short sleeve button up blouse. The looseness of the top and light weight fabric make this perfect when the temperature starts to climb. I can’t wait to wear this with my white moccasins.


Now that my spring wardrobe has pretty much complete, the only thing left for me to buy are a pair (or 2)of sneakers ,possibly another pair of denim shorts and a dress for a wedding I’m going to this spring. I’m eyeing a few different dresses from the brand Show Me Your Mumu. I seriously want to buy everything on the website, so deciding on style of dress and print is going to be a tough choice.


Anyone else starting to buy clothes for Spring? What are you looking to add to your Spring wardrobe?  Hope everyone had a good weekend and has a great Monday!







Office Space


You would think after over 2 months of having to wake up early and be out the door by 6:20 at the latest, waking up early would become routine. Definitately not the case for me. I just want to bury myself under the covers and sleep the day away especially since it has been cold,dark and snowy outside . After months about posting about wanting to have a desk, I finally bought one since I will be working from home . Right now I pretty much have my ideal desk layout, however once I’m working remotely, I will be gifted with dual monitors and a clunky phone which will probably take up all of the space on my desk so I am enjoying the space while I can. Garrett bought himself a new desk too since his was starting to break and also to  justify the $100 delivery fee since we live no where near Ikea.

Garrett took the day off to accept delivery and assembled both desks by himself. To be honest, I was a little worried on what the quality would be like for the desk, but I’m pleasantly surprised at how solid it feels. I wish cabinet door had a back to it instead of being open and the desk has a smooth, but rough texture that attracts Annabell’s fur, but therwise I am happy with how it looks. It has a decent amount of storage space for all my office supplies and more and just fits against the wall between the window and Garrett’s closet.

My new white quilted chair
I added a faux fur throw from target to give it a fun trendy look

Get The look

  • Desk- I was going between a few different desks from Ikea. I knew I wanted it to be white, compact, and a fairly minimal design. I am happy with the choice that I went with.
  • Chair-I ended up with an armless chair since I figured it would be easier to sit upright and push my chair under the desk. I found my chair at TJ Maxx, but this chair from Bed,Bath,& Beyond is identical, if not the same chair.
  • Faux Fur Throw- While I love the look of these faux fur chairs from PB Teen (1 2)it’s a little outside of my budget. A great way to get this look is a faux fur throw. I ended up picking up this one from Target and I couldn’t be happier with it. If your feeling crafy, there are some DIY videos and articles on how to make your own as well.
  • Desk Accessories-I ended up getting lucky and finding a pen cup, small organizer tray,and a tape dispenser by Poppin at Marshalls. Another great option for fun desk accessories is which has everything from pens, tape, and a bunch of cute notebooks and planners .
  • Pens-While I love a good ol’ Bic pen, I am loving pens in bright fun prints like these Lily Pullitzer ones from Papyrus or these ones by Sugar Paper at Target
  • Air Plant-My sister gifted me with an air plant from Prismatic Gardens for Christmas and I love it. It adds a small touch of green and is super easy maintenance. I love this one This plant mister  from Urban Outfitters is just as pretty as it is functional and use it for my airplant and other plants around the apartment.
While I prefer a minimal space, Garrett is going for a Mega Man & Sonic theme.

After complaining about wanting a new desk for over a year, he finally got his dream desk, or close enough to it. He ended up ordering a stand to hold his monitors to give it a more clean look and is happy to not have his tower on the floor( much to Annabell’s dismay). His is more of a work station and dwarfs my simple desk in comparison. Next on his list is to buy upgraded computer parts and build a new one.

I will hopefully have an updated apartment post soon. We just bought new curtains for the living room and finally have a sofa cover since the sofa has some scratch marks and tears on it(thanks to Annabell). Since I will be working from home and going back to a later schedule I should be back to posting regularly again or at least aiming for one post a week.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

New Apartment

After moving into the apartment a few weeks ago, it’s finally looking a lot more cleaned up, organized, and really feels like home. Garrett and I talked about moving and looking for a new place for sometime. Since we both still want to move out of state, we decided we wanted to downsize and hopefully find a place that was less rent. After a couple weeks searching on Craigslist, we got lucky and found just the place. While it gets more snow than where we were and it’s a longer commute for Garrett, the area is quiet, the rent is less, and no more coin operated machines for us since we now have a washer and dryer!

Despite going from a 2bed/2bath apartment to a 1bed/1bath apartment, I’m happy to say that all of the furniture we wanted to take with us fits perfectly! Also since the layout of the apartment is more open, it doesn’t look or feel cramped. The both of us plus Annabell can move comfortably around the kitchen without bumping into each other.  I’m also happy to say that all of my clothes fit in the closet! The only thing I’m not crazy about is the living room,bedroom,and bathroom are painted a light blue ,however the kitchen is a yellow nightmare and needs some work done. Unfortunately we can’t repaint the yellow walls, however we can redo the mustard yellow countertops if we want to.

Aside from a few shelves,mirrors, and some wall art that needs to be put up, there are a few more things I want to buy for the new place to give it that extra special touch.

Here are a few photos of what the apartment currently looks like.

I love all of the natural sunlight that filters through.
One of my favorite spots in the apartment.
My favorite place to be.
Since Garrett has his desk set up, this is my little work/creative space
Apartment Decor

Things to buy:

  1. Shelves- While the layout of the apartment is more open, the only real storage is in the bedroom. To keep it from being over-stuffed and to add some extra space and detail to the walls I ordered the short and medium length lack shelves in white from IKEA. I’m thinking of ordering more of these for the dining area for a makeshift shelving unit.
  2. Ladder- I love the idea of using a ladder to hang blankets from.Not only does it prevent the sofa from drowning in blankets, it also with keeping things neat and organized. I’m deciding between this one from Target which is also a  mirror(which we need) and has the storage in the back or this one from Wayfair which is minimal and simple.
  3. Rugs- While I’m happy to not have an entire apartment covered in carpet, I do like the look of a small are rug to add texture and an interesting detail to a room. I am obsessed with this one for the bedroom or this one that is similar.
  4. Workspace- Since space is limited, I’m thinking of getting a wall desk so I can have my own little work area. Since Garrett uses a desktop computer with dual monitors he actually needs a desk ,he finally found his ideal desk  (from IKEA of course)
  5. Dresser-Depsite getting rid of bags upon bags of clothes I was worried there wouldn’t be enough storage for my using closets, let alone finding room for Garrett’s clothes too so we decided to bring one of my old dressers with us. While it serves it’s purpose I love the look of white furniture and want to make the change to something like this .This dresser is certainly different and eyecatching.
  6. Temporary Wallpaper- While I don’t hate the shade of blue in the bedroom, I am obsessed with the look of all white bedrooms. Since we can’t repaint the walls, I think we will finally end up buying the white brick temporary wall paper I’ve been wanting for a while.
  7. Wall Decor- One of my favorite things to browse for online. I certainly don’t think every wall should be covered in decor and wall art, but some areas will be left a little bare once we hang up the things that we do have. While this doesn’t exactly go with our décor, it has 3 of my favorite things combined into 1.Oliver Gal, skulls,and Mondrian style art.  I also love this one, possibly for the dining area on the wall with the clock. Another great way to fill space is to put up a few small things together or spread out . I love these flowers from target that also come in pink and white.

I’ll probably make an updated post once some repairs have been made in the kitchen ,shelf organizers for the bathroom have been bought, and some things have been hung up on the wall. While packing and unpacking can be a little tedious, I do like the process of finding just the right spots to place things in and looking for a few new things to buy. I’m currently looking at some french press coffee makers( the last thing that Garrett and I could possibly need).

I’m hoping the next updated apartment post will be relatively soon, but until then I’m currently in the process of writing my next entry for the week. I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great and productive week!