5 Favorite Things

5 Favorite Things


Here are 5 things I am currently obsessing over

  1. Sub_Urban Riot-Well known for their Kale t-shirt and sweatshirt spotted on countless celebs , most notably Queen Bey. I love their line of fun graphic tees and sweatshirts. My favorite is this sweatshirt and this t-shirt
  2. Shoptiques-I’ve definitely killed some time browsing this website.You can shop by boutiques in cities or by categories . It’s a great way to discover new boutiques in your city (or far away) and find some new favorite brands.
    1. Entro-A new brand I discovered while browsing the site. It has a Free People, boho feel to it, but at a more affordable price range.
    2. Vintalier-Simple basics, graphic tees and simple statement necklaces.
    3. LuLu’s Boutique– If everything could magically appear in my closet I would be a very happy girl. Lots of comfy sweaters, basic tees, and one of my favorite candle brands.
    4. The Afternoon-Filled with lots of fun,quirky, and unique home decor items. I am in love with the robot salt&pepper shakers.
    5. Turquoise Cactus-A great mix of cute tops and dresses for under $50
  3. Chunky knit blanket– I just want to cocoon myself in this blanket and hibernate until spring. It comes in multipl colors and sizes. Though Ohhio is the go to brand , you can probably find cheaper ones on Etsy or Amazon.
  4. Succulent Candles-Two of my favorite things combined into one and I don’t have to worry about over or under watering. Each scent is a different succulent type and it’s available in 3 sizes, however availabilty is currently limited.
  5. Cost Plus World Market-Part of the Bed, Bath, and Beyond family and a one stop shop kind of website and store.  They sell furniture, decor, food, and gift items. I would say the furniture pricing is more than Target’s Threshold line, but less than West Elm and is a similar style. If we had one nearby Garrett would have to drag me out of there.
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

New Apartment

After moving into the apartment a few weeks ago, it’s finally looking a lot more cleaned up, organized, and really feels like home. Garrett and I talked about moving and looking for a new place for sometime. Since we both still want to move out of state, we decided we wanted to downsize and hopefully find a place that was less rent. After a couple weeks searching on Craigslist, we got lucky and found just the place. While it gets more snow than where we were and it’s a longer commute for Garrett, the area is quiet, the rent is less, and no more coin operated machines for us since we now have a washer and dryer!

Despite going from a 2bed/2bath apartment to a 1bed/1bath apartment, I’m happy to say that all of the furniture we wanted to take with us fits perfectly! Also since the layout of the apartment is more open, it doesn’t look or feel cramped. The both of us plus Annabell can move comfortably around the kitchen without bumping into each other.  I’m also happy to say that all of my clothes fit in the closet! The only thing I’m not crazy about is the living room,bedroom,and bathroom are painted a light blue ,however the kitchen is a yellow nightmare and needs some work done. Unfortunately we can’t repaint the yellow walls, however we can redo the mustard yellow countertops if we want to.

Aside from a few shelves,mirrors, and some wall art that needs to be put up, there are a few more things I want to buy for the new place to give it that extra special touch.

Here are a few photos of what the apartment currently looks like.

I love all of the natural sunlight that filters through.
One of my favorite spots in the apartment.
My favorite place to be.
Since Garrett has his desk set up, this is my little work/creative space
Apartment Decor

Things to buy:

  1. Shelves- While the layout of the apartment is more open, the only real storage is in the bedroom. To keep it from being over-stuffed and to add some extra space and detail to the walls I ordered the short and medium length lack shelves in white from IKEA. I’m thinking of ordering more of these for the dining area for a makeshift shelving unit.
  2. Ladder- I love the idea of using a ladder to hang blankets from.Not only does it prevent the sofa from drowning in blankets, it also with keeping things neat and organized. I’m deciding between this one from Target which is also a  mirror(which we need) and has the storage in the back or this one from Wayfair which is minimal and simple.
  3. Rugs- While I’m happy to not have an entire apartment covered in carpet, I do like the look of a small are rug to add texture and an interesting detail to a room. I am obsessed with this one for the bedroom or this one that is similar.
  4. Workspace- Since space is limited, I’m thinking of getting a wall desk so I can have my own little work area. Since Garrett uses a desktop computer with dual monitors he actually needs a desk ,he finally found his ideal desk  (from IKEA of course)
  5. Dresser-Depsite getting rid of bags upon bags of clothes I was worried there wouldn’t be enough storage for my using closets, let alone finding room for Garrett’s clothes too so we decided to bring one of my old dressers with us. While it serves it’s purpose I love the look of white furniture and want to make the change to something like this .This dresser is certainly different and eyecatching.
  6. Temporary Wallpaper- While I don’t hate the shade of blue in the bedroom, I am obsessed with the look of all white bedrooms. Since we can’t repaint the walls, I think we will finally end up buying the white brick temporary wall paper I’ve been wanting for a while.
  7. Wall Decor- One of my favorite things to browse for online. I certainly don’t think every wall should be covered in decor and wall art, but some areas will be left a little bare once we hang up the things that we do have. While this doesn’t exactly go with our décor, it has 3 of my favorite things combined into 1.Oliver Gal, skulls,and Mondrian style art.  I also love this one, possibly for the dining area on the wall with the clock. Another great way to fill space is to put up a few small things together or spread out . I love these flowers from target that also come in pink and white.

I’ll probably make an updated post once some repairs have been made in the kitchen ,shelf organizers for the bathroom have been bought, and some things have been hung up on the wall. While packing and unpacking can be a little tedious, I do like the process of finding just the right spots to place things in and looking for a few new things to buy. I’m currently looking at some french press coffee makers( the last thing that Garrett and I could possibly need).

I’m hoping the next updated apartment post will be relatively soon, but until then I’m currently in the process of writing my next entry for the week. I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great and productive week!





(to be) purchased


Hey Everyone!

I know it’s been a while since I have posted anything,  however  a lot has been happening.I have since started my online Web Design course through SkillCrush and really like it a lot. I can definitely see myself going down the path of being a web designer in the future and figured I can use the skills and apply them to the blog.  Some other exciting news is I am writing this blog post on my new Macbook Air I bought myself over the weekend. The price was too good to pass up and it was time I had my own laptop. It’s actually a refurbished Macbook from B&H, however is in brand new condition. I look forward to writing many blog entries from here.

I am hoping the snow is officially gone, however since this is Syracuse you never know . While our winter was fairly mild, I am looking forward to being able to just go out in a sweater or a light jacket . Lately I have been looking online for some new cute flats, much to Garrett’s horror(according to him, the last thing I need is to bring in a new pair of shoes). While browsing on ShopBop, I found the cutest espadrilles by a brand called Soludos. These are perfect for spring/summer paired with some cropped jeans or a t-shirt dress and come in a variety of colors and fun prints. Something else I have been browsing online for is new comforters and duvet covers. I am ready to trade in the brown curtains and the brown and light teal comforter for something new. I am obsessed with the all white bed/ bedroom look or wouldn’t mind maybe like a light gray color since Garrett isn’t a fan of the stark white look . I love this duvet cover from West Elm that is white, gray, striped and a pretty good compromise for the two of us.

Aside from the laptop, I have made a few purchases recently. One of them being a sleeve for my laptop. As you probably know, I am obsessed with Chambray so as soon as I came across this one by Herschel I knew it was perfect(I am currently waiting for this to be delivered). Speaking of Chambray, since I am completely obsessed with the ones from Madewell( and the store in general) I finally picked up their Courier style shirt in the Orsa print . I love the loose cut of the shirt and the hi/low hem. I get the feeling by the end of summer I will probably own every version of this shirt. Something else I am obsessed with is Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap by Kalastyle. I am a fan of very clean scents and this is the absolute best. Since I own the candle and have used the soap, I finally bought the hand lotion so now I can breathe in this scent throughout the day. Lastly, as a small treat for Garrett and I, I ordered some Los Luchadores coffee from Cuvee Coffee in Austin,TX to test and see just how good the coffee in Austin is and because our Coava coffee beans are running pretty low.

That is a recap of some of the things that have been going on since my last update. I hope everyone has a great rest of the week and will try to get the next entry posted fairly soon. The next post(or the one after) will probably be a recipe blog.