OOTD- 7/10/17


Looking to get out of my t-shirt routine, I opted for a striped sleeveless sweater with a denim vest on top(I’m obsessed with wearing layers). I’m not a fan of the denim on denim look with the vest, so I decided to wear my trusty pair of black skinny jeans and my favorite pair of Converse to go with a more relaxed vibe. Completing the look is my go to accessory this summer, my bandana from Madewell.


Get the look

Hope everyones week is off to a good start so far!





Since it’s been a while since I have done one of these, I decided to do a quick  Outfit of the Day Post. I’ve been a fan of Madewell for a few years, but lately I have turned into a fanatic. Since they had their sale over Valentine’s Day weekend and received a gift card from Christmas, I picked up a few things. Since they are known for their denim, I decided to try out their jeans. I’ve been looking for some new high waisted skinny jeans since I live in my black ones from Urban Outfitters. I ended up picking up a sweater I featured in my first blog post and a necklace since I wear the knotshine necklace all the time.

This hat used to belong to Garrett.Who knew he was so fashionable.
I  love the simplistic statement of the necklace.Also the lariat style makes this east to throw on top of an outfit before heading out the door.
The perfect inky dark shade of denim that you can dress up or down.


This outfit is perfect for errands or a bike ride( or standing next to one).
The perfect pairing for a laid-back outfit?Some tousled wavy hair

Jacket-Vintage(It was my Grandma’s).Similar here and here

Sweater-Madewell feature pullover sweater

Jeans-Madewell 10″ high riser skinny skinny jeans in lydia wash

Boots-Old Navy Western Ankle Boots

Tote-Madewell Zip Transport Tote

Necklace-Madewell wishbone lariat necklace

Hat-similar here and here








Today, Garrett and I ended up heading to a near by cafe so I could start working on some blog entries and for a change of scenery.The change in work space allows me to work more proficiently and stay focused. Since the weather was starting to clear up and the sun came out, we decided to head to the park and take some photos for an Outfit of the Day post and to get Garrett used to taking photos since he will most likely be my photographer.



My Outfit-To my, this has a Pacific Northwest vibe to it. I think it’s the combination of the red buffalo plaid,Hunter wellies, and the slouchy hat.

I feel like I underestimated how much I would wear and love this jacket. I bought it mostly to wear for fall, however since the jacket is quite warm, its great for when the temperature drops and the oversize fit makes it perfect to wear layers. Since the jeans have a high rise, I paired it with an old loose crop top by Wildfox with my favorite Cardigan over it. Right now, my go to bag is the Transport Zip Tote by Madewell. This bag is perfect for everyday essentials and then some. I managed to pack my iPad 2 , a keyboard, a Louis Vuitton Accessories ,cellphone and swell bottle and everything fit perfectly. Since it was rainy earlier and wet outside , I decided to throw on my Hunter Wellies and to  top off the outfit, I added my favorite knitted hat.




To me, this photos looks like it could have been taken in Oregon or Washington instead of Syracuse,NY.
Hunter boots are perfect for jumping or stepping into puddles



  • Jacket-Pendleton
  • Top-Wildfox(old) I love this one which has a similar fit
  • Sweater-Urban Outfitters(old) This one is similar
  • Jeans-BDG Twig High Rise.They come in different inseams have different length versions. Love these ripped ones
  • Boots-I have a wider calf so I have the Huntress version.These are the original
  • Bag-This comes in black and a gorgeous dark wine.
  • Hat-I have this in the black multi, but love this in mustard and the solid grey.

Photos were taken with a Nikon D3200

Weekend Recap & OOTD



I spent most of Saturday sleeping until 1:00 in the afternoon since I fell asleep around 4:00a.m.  I hate not being able to sleep until late.  Since Garrett had to work until about 2:00, I listened to some records and had a late breakfast of granola and milk(I was disappointed to find Garrett took my overnight oatmeal to work). After getting ready for the day or afternoon, we ended up making a quick trip to the mall to see if there was anything for us to buy for Christmas presents. I ended up going to Old Navy since they were having a big sale. I ended up getting a sweater which was on clearance for under $13.00.The fit is a little boxy, but I like it. So much that Garrett bought me the same style, but in the tan color. I have a feeling I am going to be living in both sweaters the rest of the week. After the mall, we headed to Best Buy since I am looking into getting a camera so I can take better photos for the blog since I am using my OnePlus phone for all the photos I take. I currently have my eye on the Nikon D3300 or the d3200 . We made a quick trip to the pet store and picked up a cat tree for Annabell. She seems to like it ,however still prefers to curl up in a ball and sleep on the floor. Garrett and I finally put more bins into storage and the living room looks a lot more open without storage bins lying around everywhere. After 3 years, the apartment is finally rid of unnecessary clutter and turning into some place I like coming back to.

Annabell checking out her new cat tree
Annabell doesn’t know what to make over her new tree



11/22/15: Sweater:Old Navy, Jeans: Joe’s Jeans, Shoes:Tory Burch , Necklace:J.Crew


Today Garrett and I ended up going to a local coffee shop. I wanted to work on my Gift Guide post and decided a change of scenery would help me get more work done and caffeine was needed. For the most part, the list has been almost complete for a while, however I have been having some trouble trying to come up with a layout for it and whether or not to break it up into categories. After today’s work, I am pretty happy with the results.

Getting work done on the iPad

After about an hour and a half and the entry being almost complete, I decided I would finish on the laptop at the apartment.Garrett and I  ended up heading to Target since Annabell needs a new bowl ( her water dish broke).We didn’t see any bowls, however I did pick up a few things for an early Thanksgiving dinner I am making for my friend that is moving away. Starting to feel hungry, Garrett and I decided it was time to make dinner. We initially planned to make some bean burgers, however neither of us felt like making them , so we  decided we would make them tomorrow instead and ended up making pasta since its quick and easy to make.Of course we didn’t have tomato sauce, so we ended up going back out to the grocery store, which thankfully is right around the corner and would be a short trip.Upon leaving the store, Garrett and I had the same look of horror when we realized it was snowing outside.

2015-11-22_21.41.21 (1)
Going into Wegmans, the sky was perfectly clear. Ended up leaving Wegmans with tomato sauce and feeling depressed from the snow.

Despite living in Syracuse, I am not ready for the snow . We have definitely been spoiled this fall since usually we would have 5 feet of snow(or more)here by this time.Thankfully, it is supposed to warm up the rest of the week.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Are you looking forward the Thanksgiving ?