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You would think after over 2 months of having to wake up early and be out the door by 6:20 at the latest, waking up early would become routine. Definitately not the case for me. I just want to bury myself under the covers and sleep the day away especially since it has been cold,dark and snowy outside . After months about posting about wanting to have a desk, I finally bought one since I will be working from home . Right now I pretty much have my ideal desk layout, however once I’m working remotely, I will be gifted with dual monitors and a clunky phone which will probably take up all of the space on my desk so I am enjoying the space while I can. Garrett bought himself a new desk too since his was starting to break and also to  justify the $100 delivery fee since we live no where near Ikea.

Garrett took the day off to accept delivery and assembled both desks by himself. To be honest, I was a little worried on what the quality would be like for the desk, but I’m pleasantly surprised at how solid it feels. I wish cabinet door had a back to it instead of being open and the desk has a smooth, but rough texture that attracts Annabell’s fur, but therwise I am happy with how it looks. It has a decent amount of storage space for all my office supplies and more and just fits against the wall between the window and Garrett’s closet.

My new white quilted chair
I added a faux fur throw from target to give it a fun trendy look

Get The look

  • Desk- I was going between a few different desks from Ikea. I knew I wanted it to be white, compact, and a fairly minimal design. I am happy with the choice that I went with.
  • Chair-I ended up with an armless chair since I figured it would be easier to sit upright and push my chair under the desk. I found my chair at TJ Maxx, but this chair from Bed,Bath,& Beyond is identical, if not the same chair.
  • Faux Fur Throw- While I love the look of these faux fur chairs from PB Teen (1 2)it’s a little outside of my budget. A great way to get this look is a faux fur throw. I ended up picking up this one from Target and I couldn’t be happier with it. If your feeling crafy, there are some DIY videos and articles on how to make your own as well.
  • Desk Accessories-I ended up getting lucky and finding a pen cup, small organizer tray,and a tape dispenser by Poppin at Marshalls. Another great option for fun desk accessories is which has everything from pens, tape, and a bunch of cute notebooks and planners .
  • Pens-While I love a good ol’ Bic pen, I am loving pens in bright fun prints like these Lily Pullitzer ones from Papyrus or these ones by Sugar Paper at Target
  • Air Plant-My sister gifted me with an air plant from Prismatic Gardens for Christmas and I love it. It adds a small touch of green and is super easy maintenance. I love this one This plant mister  from Urban Outfitters is just as pretty as it is functional and use it for my airplant and other plants around the apartment.
While I prefer a minimal space, Garrett is going for a Mega Man & Sonic theme.

After complaining about wanting a new desk for over a year, he finally got his dream desk, or close enough to it. He ended up ordering a stand to hold his monitors to give it a more clean look and is happy to not have his tower on the floor( much to Annabell’s dismay). His is more of a work station and dwarfs my simple desk in comparison. Next on his list is to buy upgraded computer parts and build a new one.

I will hopefully have an updated apartment post soon. We just bought new curtains for the living room and finally have a sofa cover since the sofa has some scratch marks and tears on it(thanks to Annabell). Since I will be working from home and going back to a later schedule I should be back to posting regularly again or at least aiming for one post a week.

Hope everyone is having a great week!





Hello There,

I am hoping my posts will start to become more frequent again. I have been trying to get used to my new schedule change . Instead of going to bed at 5 or 6 a.m. I am waking up at the time to get ready for work. It was a little rough starting the new schedule last( I fell asleep at 6:3o Monday night and didn’t wake up till 6 the next day), however waking up early is starting to get a little easier.  I do like getting out at 5:00 p.m. and being able to actually spend time with Garrett when I get home.

The second part of my web design course has started for HTML/CSS which I love.The next part of the course makes me nervous since I think there is a Freelance project that is involved.I’m trying not to get work myself up over it and take it one day at a time.

Another change taking place is the appearance of the bedroom(FINALLY!!). I ended up buying the white and gray striped duvet cover in my last post. I also found some white and gray striped curtains from homegoods that match perfectly and are a lighter material so we get a lot of natural sun light coming through. I am currently in the process of cleaning under the bed and trying to empty out my dresser so we can sell it and replace it with a white desk for me and eventually a white chest or wardrobe. We are looking for something that will hold our stuff and not take up too much space.  The only thing we can’t agree on is the walls. Since opting for a gray and white theme, the cream colored walls are starting to bother me. I have been looking at temporary wallpaper to make an accent wall that the bed is against, however Garrett doesn’t think the amount of rolls needed and the cost is worth it.  The other option is to add shelve to create a makeshift headboard or buy a huge piece of wall art.  Hopefully we will reach some type of decision soon so we can make a list of what to buy and it gives me something to look forward to.


Wall Decor

Hope everyone had a great start to the week so far!