Target Finds

Target, the place where you go to pick up one or two things and end up buying things you never knew you needed or with something completely different from what you intended to buy. Here are a few of my recent purchases that have been getting a lot of wear.


  1. Layered Ruffle Blouse-I love the flow of this top and is perfect for pairing with a pair of cut-offs or with some dark denim jeans. I got mine in the white and black polka dot print, but might have to go back for the fiery red floral version.
  2. Prarie Maxi Dress -I have to stop myself from wearing this everyday. Easily one of my most favorite items in my closet and it doesn’t hurt that I tend to get the most compliments while wearing this dress. I love wearing this with short ankle boots or lace up flats for a more feminine look.
  3. Off the shoulder top– I love the detailing on this top and i think tops with smocked bottoms can be flattering. Perfect for wearing denim of every cut and style and an all around great top for summer.
  4. Post Dangle Earrings– When I do wear earings, I usually opt for a simple stud, however as soon as I saw these I had to have them. I like that they are a post earring and love the mixed metal. DangleEarrings
  5. Gold Front Back Earring– I have 2 pairs of earrings in the same style( white and a gray faux pearl, but loved the simple statement look of the gold. I also love this faux pearl version as well.earrings


What are some of your favorite things you’ve picked up at Target lately?



style uniform

style uniform
Lately my go to look has been a basic loose tee paired with some mom jeans and either my trusty chelsea boots or a pair of loafers. It makes getting ready in the morning a breeze and is the perfect canvas for pairing with a simple statement necklace.


  1. Old Navy linen boyfriend v-neck– One of my most worn items is my gray shirt in this style and I just picked this up in white not too long ago and have been living in it ever since.
  2. Ol Navy Boyfriend Pocket Tee– Since I wear the shirt mentioned above so much, I decided to get a slightly different styled white tee that I have been wearing just as much,
  3. Free People Mock Me Tank– Despite picking this up in a vibrant color(I own this in plum wine) I have been getting a lot of wear out of this. Perfect for layering for fluxuating temperatures and is offered in a bunch of colors.


  1. Madewell Cruiser jean-I own this style in black and was lucky to find mine on sale instore. While they no longer have the exact same pair I own online, they do styill have the same style available . Though I could have sized down, I went with my normal size for a slightly roomier fit and love pairing them with a simple t (half tucked of course) and my chelsea boots.
  2. Madewell Perfect Vintage Jean– The one pair of jeans I considered returning to Madewell are now my favorite pair. The definiately do have a 90s/vintage vibe to them and get better and more broken in with each wear. Since these are not a stretch denim, throwing them into the washing machine is a no go and are definately a pair to freeze or hand


  1. Old Navy Lazer-Cut Moccasins– While sizing may be limited on the website, you might be able to find these in a local store. I picked these up with the intention of wearing them for spring/summer, but wasn’t able to resist and have been wearing these for a few months. They are super comfy and the cut outs adds just the right amount of detail.
  2. Chelse Boots- They don’t have the pair I have online, I did find some similar versions and ones I wouldn’t mind adding to my closet.
    1. Marc Fischer Chelsea Boot-These look nearly identical to the one’s I have at a steeper price range, however I’m considering ordering these as an upgrade.
    2. ASOS Altico Leather Western Chelsea Boots– I love these! If you were to combine frye’s engineer boot with a chelsea boot this would be the result.


I have mentioned in past fashion blog posts, I love a simple statement necklace. Large bib necklaces are great and can really make an outfit stand out, but for everyday I like something more simple.

  1. John Wind Rose Gold Initial Necklace with Gold Pearl-I love jewelry with intials or monograms on it, This necklace comes in a gorgeous rose gold color and I love the vintage look of it and the pearl detail.
  2. Madewell Knotshine Necklace-This is without a doubt my most worn necklace and despite its constant wear, ( the gold version) has held up very well. Since I own it in silver as well I usually alternate between the two.


Something tells me I will be wearing this look from now into the summer months. What is your current go to uniform?

Can’t Get Enough Of


2016-06-07 04.18.28 1 copy.jpg


Here are the 5 things I currently am obsessed with and can’t get enough of.

1.Band of Horses– Just when I think I can’t possibly love Band of Horses any more than I do. Their new album comes out June 10th and I cannot wait!!  I have been playing their newly released songs. A lot.

2.Cathedrals– Their song Harlem was on one of my Discover Weekly playlists on Spotify. After one listen I was hooked and I  have been lostening to their Cathedrals EP a lot lately. Perfect for driving around on a sunny day.

3.It’s A 10- Miracle Leave-in Product– Aside side from shampoo, conditioner and a weekly apple cider vinegar rinse, I don’t use hair products. The either make my hair feel stick tacky, greasy, or weigh down my hair. I like that this is weightless and leaves hair feeling soft and smooth and protects against heat.

4.Cocoa + Cardamom Detox Face Mask– Hot weather and taking walks in the park  on a bright sunny day mean working up a sweat. Sweat and dirt can mean clogged pores.I have started to use this mask again to help detox my skin and I love the way this smells and leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed.

5.VSCO– I’ve recently downloaded this app and have been playing around with it and I can see why this is preferred over instagram for filtering photos. There are options to purchase additional filters and there are some free ones available for download as well.


What are some things that you are loving right now?

Current Favorites

Current Favorites


Here are a few of things I am currently loving

1.Apple Cider Vinegar– Since running out of my usual toner, I decided to give ACV a try.This is my new go to. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight and dry and my skin isn’t super oily at the end of the day. I also have been doing an ACV rinse which helps make my hair more manageable.

2.Louis Vuitton 6 Key Holder– I’ve had this for over a year, however I find myself grabbing my phone and this key holder when taking a quick trip to the grocery store or grab some coffee on break. Not only does this hold my keys, but I can also store my license, credit cards , and some cash in the pocket behind the keys.

3.Old Navy Textured Sweater– I have been wearing the striped version and the camel version non stop and find myself having to stop myself from wearing this every day. I love pairing this over a Free People Trapeze Slip.

4.Fig+Yarrow 4 Season Steams – I was intrigued by this when I was browsing through the website. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but this is going to be my skins best friend in the cold winter months . It is soothing and relaxing and my skin felt refreshed after using and overall felt very relaxed.

5.LSTN Headphones-I have been using my headphones a lot lately, especially at night when Garrett and the cat are asleep and I’m working on the blog or coding.. These are an over the ear headphone and I find them to be comfortable and  can wear these for hours without feeling fatigued.

6.J.Crew Factory Striped Turleneck– I have been embracing the turtleneck this season. This turtleneck has an oversize fit and I like that the neck has a slouchy fit. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see that I tend to wear this a lot and try to find different items and ways to wear this.