Office Space


You would think after over 2 months of having to wake up early and be out the door by 6:20 at the latest, waking up early would become routine. Definitately not the case for me. I just want to bury myself under the covers and sleep the day away especially since it has been cold,dark and snowy outside . After months about posting about wanting to have a desk, I finally bought one since I will be working from home . Right now I pretty much have my ideal desk layout, however once I’m working remotely, I will be gifted with dual monitors and a clunky phone which will probably take up all of the space on my desk so I am enjoying the space while I can. Garrett bought himself a new desk too since his was starting to break and also to  justify the $100 delivery fee since we live no where near Ikea.

Garrett took the day off to accept delivery and assembled both desks by himself. To be honest, I was a little worried on what the quality would be like for the desk, but I’m pleasantly surprised at how solid it feels. I wish cabinet door had a back to it instead of being open and the desk has a smooth, but rough texture that attracts Annabell’s fur, but therwise I am happy with how it looks. It has a decent amount of storage space for all my office supplies and more and just fits against the wall between the window and Garrett’s closet.

My new white quilted chair
I added a faux fur throw from target to give it a fun trendy look

Get The look

  • Desk- I was going between a few different desks from Ikea. I knew I wanted it to be white, compact, and a fairly minimal design. I am happy with the choice that I went with.
  • Chair-I ended up with an armless chair since I figured it would be easier to sit upright and push my chair under the desk. I found my chair at TJ Maxx, but this chair from Bed,Bath,& Beyond is identical, if not the same chair.
  • Faux Fur Throw- While I love the look of these faux fur chairs from PB Teen (1 2)it’s a little outside of my budget. A great way to get this look is a faux fur throw. I ended up picking up this one from Target and I couldn’t be happier with it. If your feeling crafy, there are some DIY videos and articles on how to make your own as well.
  • Desk Accessories-I ended up getting lucky and finding a pen cup, small organizer tray,and a tape dispenser by Poppin at Marshalls. Another great option for fun desk accessories is which has everything from pens, tape, and a bunch of cute notebooks and planners .
  • Pens-While I love a good ol’ Bic pen, I am loving pens in bright fun prints like these Lily Pullitzer ones from Papyrus or these ones by Sugar Paper at Target
  • Air Plant-My sister gifted me with an air plant from Prismatic Gardens for Christmas and I love it. It adds a small touch of green and is super easy maintenance. I love this one This plant mister  from Urban Outfitters is just as pretty as it is functional and use it for my airplant and other plants around the apartment.
While I prefer a minimal space, Garrett is going for a Mega Man & Sonic theme.

After complaining about wanting a new desk for over a year, he finally got his dream desk, or close enough to it. He ended up ordering a stand to hold his monitors to give it a more clean look and is happy to not have his tower on the floor( much to Annabell’s dismay). His is more of a work station and dwarfs my simple desk in comparison. Next on his list is to buy upgraded computer parts and build a new one.

I will hopefully have an updated apartment post soon. We just bought new curtains for the living room and finally have a sofa cover since the sofa has some scratch marks and tears on it(thanks to Annabell). Since I will be working from home and going back to a later schedule I should be back to posting regularly again or at least aiming for one post a week.

Hope everyone is having a great week!


Currently loving

Currently loving
These are the 5 things I am currently loving/obsessing over


  1. Distressed/ripped jeans- I am a huge fan of ripped jeans whether they are skinny or a boyfriend fit. As of late, I have fallen back in love with this pair of Current/Elliot skinny jeans in the Loved Destroy wash. The denim is soft and broken in and the white paint splatters give it a different look than a basic pair of ripped jeans. My go-to uniform lately has been a pair of ripped jeans with a tank tucked in.
  2. Tank Top-  Lately my tank top of choice to tuck into my (distressed) jeans is the Unisex fine jersey tank top. It’s lightweight, easy to throw on, and comes in a variety of colors.
  3. Copper jewelry-Something else I’ve been wearing lately are some copper bracelets I’ve had for a while. I like that it’s more unique than rose gold and it’s just as easy to accessorize. One of Pantone’s top color for fall is Potters Clay and this be a great way to incorporate the color into your wardrobe or the finishing touch if your going for a monochromatic look. I somehow found the same exact bracelet I have on Etsy here and here.IMG_20160826_164513
  4. Gucci Marmont bag- It’s no surprise that I love purses. I’ve been drooling over the new Marmont bags by Gucci. It definately has a similar to look to some Chanel bags, and despite being over $1000, is still less. I love the black&white or the bright pink one for a bold statement to an outfit.
  5. Wall paper- I fell in love with this wallpaper I saw in an Instagram photo and have spent my day browsing the website . As I mentioned in the last post, the kitchen is a work in progess.The idea of a fun/bold pattern wallpaper for the kitchen or the area where the washer/dryer are is becoming very appealing.
What are some of the things that you are currently loving?


Lentil Soup Recipe

One of my favorite things to make during the cold winter weather is lentil soup. It’s easy to make and you can add ingredients you have on hand. Since it actually feels like winter in Syracuse, I decided to make some to keep warm. This is the recipe I used .



  • 1 bag of dried lentils(1 lb)
  • 2 qts of broth( I usually use veggie broth)
  • 1 small can of tomato paste
  • 3-4 carrots shredded
  • 3 gloves of minced garlic
  • 1 ½ cup of mushrooms chopped (optional)
  • 5-6 small potatoes diced (optional)
  • Olive oil



  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Sprinkle of crushed red pepper
  • Pinch of cumin (optional)
  • 1 tbsp. of turmeric (optional)
  • 1 tbsp. of paprika (optional)
  • A bay leaf



  1. You can soak lentils overnight. I usually rinse them well and put them in a pot of boiling water to soften up. While the lentils are cooking, I start working on the other ingredients
  2. In a large pot, heat olive oil over medium heat. Add onions and carrots and stir occasionally until softened.IMG_20160103_132048
  3. Add minced garlic to pot and cook until fragrant.
  4. Next, add mushrooms, potatoes, and broth and stir together.( Use less broth if you want a thicker more stew like consistency).IMG_20160103_134241
  5. Add tomato paste to the soup and stir until blended.
  6. By this time, lentils should be feel semi-soft/soft. I usually drain most of the liquid from the lentils and then add them to the mixture.
  7. Next add seasonings, stirring the soup to blend them in and cover.
  8. Stir occasionally and let it cook(about 40 minutes)
  9. You may want to give it a quick taste and make sure lentils and potatoes have softened and it’s seasoned to taste.
  10. Once the soup is done, serve immediately.IMG_20160103_135847


This soup is also great served over rice or with some nice crusty bread. Spinach/kale and sausage also make great add-ins to this soup as well.

Weekend Update & Music Monday

Hello and Happy Monday!


Nothing too exciting happened this weekend. I ended up going into the office on since they were looking for volunteers to work and were offering OT. Since it is the holiday season and I have a few more gifts to buy, so I figured a few hours wouldn’t be too bad. Thankfully, it wasn’t too chaotic for a Saturday. After work, Garrett and I took a trip out to Thrifty Shopper. One of Garrett’s colleagues had found a  microphone that normally costs at least $100 for about $6 so since then, Garrett is determined to find something just as great. As expected, Garrett didn’t find what he was looking for, though we did spot a pretty cool looking X-Files poster . We then ended up going to Goodwill. I haven’t been to one before, but I was pretty impressed with how neat and clean it was inside.Garrett ended up finding a USB keyboard that he has been searching for since he has a few computers he wants to work on fixing.He also ended up picking up a banana stand of all things to use has a stand for his multiple pairs of headphones he now has.  I didn’t end up buying anything since I was starving and my only thought was going to get dinner. I plan on heading back to Goodwill to pick up a vase or two. Right now I am obsessed with the idea of having an arragement of fresh flowers from looking at other bloggers Instagram accounts. 

Sunday-We planned on waking up early so we could head to our favorite coffee shop Recess, however neither of us wanted to wake up. Since we didn’t want to be out and about all day, we stopped at a near by cafe where I did some work for a future blog post. We headed to the mall to see if they had something I have on my gift list for someone . They didn’t have the item, so like everything else it will be purchased online. Lately I have been obsessed with wanting to buy office supplies and having an office in the apartment. We took a trip to Staples to look at some chairs and desks. Neither of us were too impressed with the selection they had on display. Leaving empty handed, we went to Wegmans to pick up some things for dinner. I ended up making homemade fried meatballs for some meatball subs. Simple and easy to make and something we haven’t had in a while. After dinner Garrett watched his shows on Youtube and I spent time on the internet looking for pre-owned LV bags and bucket bags. 

Music Monday

I haven’t been listening to anything in particular lately and I’m not someone that loves Christmas music. I can tolerate it for about the week before Christmas and during and  that is about it. I have been listening to the playlist on Spotify called Feel Good Indie Rock. It’s filled with bands I already like and someone new ones I haven’t heard of before. It certainly puts me in an upbeat mood. I have the concert bug again, but I don’t think there are any upcoming concerts I want to go to. Or at least non that are nearby. Thankfully, this won’t be a problem if/when we relocate to Austin. My problem I would run into there is what show I would rather go to or spending an insane amount of money on concert tickets. 
I will hopefully be a littler more consistent with posting entries since I’ve been a little of schedule. Hope everyone has a great day and rest of the week.