Lately I’ve felt like I need a creative outlet aside from blogging. For the past week or so,I have been playing guitar again ,albeit not very well(for now anyway).For the past few years playing guitar has been something to do when I had nothing else to keep my occupied or just didn’t have the time for it. Since starting up again, I can’t believe I went so long without playing consistently. Music has always been cathartic for me and playing has been the perfect way for me to clear my head from stress and frustrations of everyday life.



For me, playing music has always been about being able to do something for myself that I love. I suppose its a bit fitting I’ve started to get into playing again as I’m getting read to venture into something new.I am hoping that web design will give me the same feeling of excitement of getting to be expressive and creative through a different medium and am finally doing something for myself because it genuinely makes me happy. DSC_0709


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