The Start of Something New


I have been getting myself back into coding since taking a brief hiatus. Lately, I feel like I need to be doing something more with my life and feel I’ve been (a little too) complacent with where I am. I feel like I started the New Year with lots of goals for myself and really, haven’t gotten anywhere with them.

Finally getting fed up with things being at a standstill, last week I finally contemplated in enrolling in a coding boot camp. The hours for the bootcamp(s) would be from 10-5 M-F plus having projects/assignments which meant I would need to work part-time while making sure I had enough money to pay for rent and other monthly expenses. Then there is the cost for the course itself. I would either have to apply for financing, make monthly payments and some had the option to put a deposit down and pay the rest once you are employed. This is not something I considered lightly either since it wouldn’t just affect me, but Garret as well.

After thinking it over and weighing the pros and cons, I actually decided I would enroll in a web design course through SkillCrush. It would allow me to keep my current work schedule, the cost is reasonable, and I figured it would help me with improving my blog. Once I complete the course, I can start the exciting journey of looking for a position in web design and be one step closer to what I want to do. I figured I can always enroll in coding boot camp later on and I actually may really enjoy web design. I feel slightly under pressure since the outcome of enrolling and finding a job may determine if Garrett and I end up in Austin or Portland and realistically when we would be able to relocate. I’m trying to remind myself to breathe and take it one step at a time. I am anticipating the start of the course and hopefully the start of a new career.


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