Music Monday 2/22/16

Music Monday

Everyone has those songs that can listen to repeatedly without getting tired of them no matter how many times they hear them. For today’s Music Monday post, I decided I would share with you the top songs I can listen to on repeat and never tire of.

  1. Sleepy Head-Passion Pit
  2. The Valley-Eisley
  3. Older- Band of Horses
  4. Skinny Love-Bon Iver
  5. Something Good Can Work-Two Door Cinema Club
  6. From Now On- The Features
  7. Brooklyn Baby-Lana Del Rey
  8. Do You Feel It?-Chaos Chaos
  9. Bridges- Broods
  10. Excuses-The Morning Benders
  11. Avenues&Alleyway-Rancid
  12. Such Great Heights- The Postal Service
  13. Feel It All Around-Washed Out
  14. Young and Free- Sucre
  15. Electric Love-Borns

What are some songs that you can listen to without getting tired of? Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start.





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