Weekend Update

Weekend Update

It’s been a while since my last blog update. I wasn’t feeling 100% last week. I felt like Lucille 2 from Arrested development that suffers from vertigo and had bad migraines, I think due to the unusual weather and changes in temperature. I’m glad to finally be feeling like myself  since there are only a few more days until Christmas. This weekend Garrett and I ran around finishing up our shopping.All that’s left to do is wrap everything up.

Annabell is all wrapped up and ready for Christmas



Garrett and I had planned on getting up early to go to the market and then the mall for some shopping. Since it was colder than it has been, neither of us liked the idea of getting up early to get just a few items. We ended up going downtown since I needed to buy a few gifts that were on my list I still needed to buy. Our first stop was Urban Outfitters. I could spend hours in there looking at everything and trying things on, however since we had a lot of things to do I quickly browsed and picked up what I needed. Since we paid for parking, we decided to look around and go to a few places. Our next stop is a boutique called Bounce. Some of the items in store were 30% off and I ended up buying a sweater I saw the last time I was in there. It reminds me of funfetti cake and my new favorite. It’s  a cream color with different color flecks of wool.


Our next step was a store called Tenacious Sound. As soon as I waked in I wanted to laugh because all I could think of was a skit from Portlandia( 2 girls 2 shirts). There were just a few items on display, however we probably spent the most time in that store. Garrett tested out a few different pairs of headphones and was asking about different amps.

Killing time by taking selfies while Garrett looks at headphones.


We ended up heading out to Goodwill and I picked up two different sized vases for flowers and headed to Marshall’s. When I was in Albany last weekend, we ended up going to Marshall’s and I found a pair of white Levis that had small rips in the knees, however I didn’t feel like trying them on and the line was long. I figured it was a long shot, but decided to go to see if they had them and they did! To me, white jeans are probably some of the hardest to shop for. If the denim is too thin, then they are transparent and if you get the wrong cut, then they aren’t the most flattering. The jeans fit pretty well and were more of a straight cut than a skinny fit like the label said. I was going to buy them and try them at home with a few things, but the line was half way around the store. I figured I would go back this week in the morning.If they are still there then its meant to be. We ended up picking up some lunch at Panda Express then headed home. We recently started watching Game of Thrones now that we have HBO Go and that is pretty much all we have been watching to catch up. We ended up going to Wegmans for dinner and Garrett was nice enough to buy me some hydrangeas I have been eyeing.



Garrett and I were going to wake up early to go to the mall when it opened up, however neither of us set the alarm and woke up a little before noon. Since we only had to run to Best Buy, we decided to go to the one nearby instead of the mall and having to deal with mall traffic, looking for parking, and large crowds. We were able to find what we were looking for and headed for the check out. We headed over to my mom’s house to pick up a few things for gifts she was nice enough to pick up for me. We ended up making a few quick trips to get the last of the gifts on my list and had dinner. I’m not a big wine drinker, but every now and then I pick up a bottle so before heading home we stopped at the wine and liquor store and I picked up a bottle of Brambleberry wine by Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards.

Bramble Berry wine and my bouquet of hydrangeas.

I usually like wines that are on the sweeter side and this one definitely is. Garrett isn’t big on wine, but he did like this one so I’m glad I went with the big bottle. Garrett did the laundry and we ended the night with watching more Game of Thrones.


I am currently working on a Travel post about the city that holds my heart Portland, OR. I am debating if I should make it one long post or break it up into 2 parts so hopefully it should be up sometime at the end of the week. If I don’t post before then, Happy Holidays everyone!


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