Holiday Gift Guide


Holiday Gift Guide



That time of year has finally arrived. You know what I’m talking about, holiday shopping. I will be the first to admit, I have a tendency to give gift cards as gifts , however these days I am trying to get out of that habit. I decided to make a list of items I think would make a great gift or stocking suffers.


Oil and Vinegar– Gourmet oil and vinegar makes a great gift for the foodie in your life or for someone who likes to entertain.

Coffee– If you can’t tell from my Instagram and blog posts, I love coffee. There is nothing better than brewing coffee from a freshly roasted bag of beans from a local coffee house or an artisan coffee company in a fun mug


DIY Brewing Kit– With craft beers and artisan cocktails being all the rage these days it makes sense that there would be easy DIY kits.


Hot Chocolate on a Stick– These would make a great stocking stuffer and are perfect way to warm up on a colder winter night.You can buy them online or make this into a small DIY project.

  • Ticket Chocolate (They also have gourmet marshmallows that look good enough to eat on their own or with your hot chocolate) .
  • make and takes has a recipe for the hot chocolate as well as homemade marshmallows




Mason Jars– What better way to serve your homemade craft brew. These days, mason  jars can be found in different sizes and colors.

  • Terrain– Make it personal with a monogrammed mason jar
  • Bed Bath and Beyond -A quilted glass pattern adds a hint of style
  • Target– Can’t go wrong with the classic jar


Coffee Brewer– These coffee brewers may be more time consuming than a standard coffee maker,  but after you take your first sip you’ll realize coffee snobs everywhere.

  • Chemex– My favorite way to brew coffee.Making coffee and clean up is easy and simple.
  • Gooseneck kettle  is perfect for pouring the water over the coffee grinds for your Chemex.
  • Yama Coffee Vacpot-  Your kitchen is bound to look more like a mad scientist laboratory with this on display. Perfect for someone who loves coffee and science.


Candles– They come in all price points and seem to come in an endless variety of scents.

  • Rosy Rings– My favorite candle is Tomato Vine which smells very green and clean
  • Anthropologie– All of their candles have an amazing scent. I love the


Terrarium-A great way to add some greenery  to your home or office and easy to maintain even for those who don’t have a green thumb.

  • CB2– Add some quirkiness to your table or desk with this DIY dino terrarium
  • Pottery Barn– No soil required for this open terrarium
  • Dot and Bo– I love this one. Simplistic and modern

S’well Bottle– My friend Letty gifted me with one for my birthday and this is probably one of the most useful gifts I have received. It keeps drinks cold up to 24 hours and hot for 12.


Body Scrub-Winter weather usually means dry flaky skin thanks to the heat being blasted and cold weather. What better way to battle winter weather than a great smelling body scrub.

  • Fig + Yarrow – This coffee and cardamom scrub is sure to to wake your skin and your senses while smoothing your skin.
  • Little Barn Apothecary– The combination of Rosemary and Juniper sounds invigorating and refreshing for dull skin.

Tangle Teezer– Compact enough to fit in most bags and perfect for smoothing out the most stubborn tangles.

Beard Oil – Perfect for the hipster/lumberjack in your life. Beard oil will tame even the most stubborn whiskers.



LSTN Headphones- For the music lover in your life. Not only are the headphones eye catching, they have a good sounds quality to them and the purchase of the headphones help give hearing back to people in developing countries.

Audio Technica LP 120– A great entry level record player for the someone who is getting into vinyl records.

Tile– Know someone who is always losing their keys? Then tile may make a perfect gift. Attach it to a key ring and your keys will be able to be located using their app on your smartphone.

Raspberry Pi-Something that is on my Christmas list this year. This is a great for anyone who is started to get interested in programming by making fun projects.


Websites to check out

  • ThinkGeek -Great gifts for the geek/nerd in your life.
  • HauteLook  My favorite flash sale site. I check the home section daily
  • Terrain – Part of the Urban Outfitters family with a focus on outdoors and gardening
  • Deny Designs -This website has home decor/accessories and offers a mind boggling selection of different prints/patterns.
  • Spartan Shop
  • -An Austin, Tx boutique that offers a carefully curated selection of decor, clothing & accessories, and beauty products
  • The Giving Keys– The gift of giving. Buy a key with a word that represents you and then gift the key to someone who needs the message more than you.



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  1. Letty 12/02/2015 / 12:52 AM

    Raspberry pi 👍👍👍👀👌


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