Music Monday-11/23/15

Two albums I have been listening to last week and this weekend are Interventions & Lullabies by The Format and The Middle by Jimmy Eat World. This week happens to be my 10 year high school reunion(which I’m skipping out on).Everyone talks about high school being your best years, but for me I like to think my best is yet to come.So it would be fitting that albums I listened to repeatedly in high school relate to where I am this stage in my life. The one thing my former high school self and my present self have in common are large goals. Back then I wanted to major in music industry and be band manager and go on tour. Or maybe major in fashion merchandising,be a buyer for Barneys New York , and eventually have my own boutique. The only thing lacking I guess was ambition and tenacity to make things happen.

Song:The First Single                                                                                                          Interventions &Lullabies- In high school I took a music theory class  and part of the course was performance day. I don’t like public speaking, let alone having to get up to perform for a handful of my peers.I dreaded every time a performance day was coming up. One of the first songs I learned to play and sing along to was The First Single. I remembered wanting to play something that was easy, but also something that reflected who I was and probably the only performance day I looked forward to. Listening to this album  and particularly this song,  still gives me the same feeling of wanting to surpass people’s expectations of me whatever they may be and I’m still working on being someone that I want to be.


Song:A Praise Chorus                                                                                                The Middle- The song The Middle is the song I related to the most in high school. Back then, I was all about being a non-conformist and not caring about fitting in. This song is something I listened to a lot to get me through school and served as a reminder to try and be myself. The song my present self relates to the most is A Praise Chorus and  made reflect on what changes I would make. If I were to go back in time, the only things I would change would be to have more confidence in myself and to have more ambition to see things through. I also wished I would have had as much enthusiasm for science as I do now. It also made me realize that I don’t want to miss out on any opportunities that might come my way. In 10 years from today, I hope I can reflect back and think that all decisions and choices I made were the best ones, even if they weren’t the easiest.


These days, I find myself thinking of all the things I want to do and think maybe I have too much ambition. The one fear I seem to have is that I won’t be able to do everything that I want to do. Overall,I feel like these days I’m pretty excited about life and wanting to see goals and expectations for myself become reality. I have quite a list of things I want to complete or get started before the year ends and I have an even bigger list for the upcoming new year and I can’t wait for you to watch my plans and goals unfold with me. 


What are some albums you listened to a lot in school or give you thoughts of nostalgia?

Hope everyone has a good Monday!


P.S.  Something that I am currently in the process of is changing my personal Spotify account into one for the blog. That way I can make playlists and share them with you !



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