Weekend Recap & Music Monday


Today certainly feels like a Monday. Despite the sun outside, I can barely keep my eyes open and would love nothing more to hide under a blanket and go back to sleep.

My Weekend Recap

Nothing too exciting happened this weekend. I actually woke up early on Saturday. I decided to try and be productive and worked on learning Java and enjoyed some tea . After making some progress, I was sidetracked by Annabell and her discovery of her new love for Pogs. Feeling the need to get our of the apartment, Garrett and I finally dropped off some clothes at the Rescue Mission and headed off to Marshall’s. I had nothing in particular in mind , but wanted to look around to see if I could find anything to buy since the Holiday shopping season has already started. I found a few things(for myself naturally), but nothing I couldn’t live without. We ended up stopping at the pet store to look for a cat climbing tree for Annabell. She currently uses my cd rack as a perch, however since we are getting rid of it, we decided she would need a replacement and something she can scratch aside from the door frames.  We ended up eating some Chinese food and binge watched Rick & Morty(again ).

Sunday I went out to one of my favorite restaurants Beer Belly Deli for brunch with Garrett and my friend Letty . I ended up getting Mad French Toast which was beer cake french toast with a fried egg and candied bacon(yes, candied bacon) . After stuffing our faces and feeling full, we headed over to Recess Coffee Roasters for our caffeine fix. I ended up heading to Letty’s after brunch and hung out.  She loves the show The 100 and since I have not seen it she decided I was missing out. The show was good and I will have to continue watching it . While I was relaxing and engrossed in the series, Garrett was back at the apartment getting chores done at the apartment(garbage, dishes, and laundry). Once I was back at the apartment, we ended up eating some left over soup and watched more Rick & Morty. As I said, nothing too exciting happened this weekend.

Music Monday

Today I decided to talk about one of my favorite albums or rather my favorite album of all time , … And Out Come the Wolves by Rancid turns 20 this year. I didn’t start listening to them until Sophomore year of high school. A girl at my school who I rode the bus with was obsessed with them she let me listen to them on her cd player since I had never listened to them before  and I was hooked. While I certainly have my favorite songs off of the album, it’s one of those albums I can listen to without skipping tracks and listen to on repeat (That cd was replaced 3 times). However, if I had to pick a favorite song  it would be Avenues and Alleyways(also one of my favorite songs of all time). Even after 20 years, the song is current and relevant to issues going on today and still evokes the same thoughts and emotions as it did in high school. Not understanding why there always seems to have to be some divide between people and the fact people don’t seem to grasp we are all humans inhabiting the same planet.  I think part of the reason I love it and it’s considered a classic album is that the album still feels current and relevant. Even now, I can’t seem to find the words of what this album actually means to me or why I love it so much. Sometimes, when I listen to it, I think of high school and my ideologies back then. Wanting to get out of this city and do something with my life. Looks like some things still haven’t changed, even with age.

What did you do this weekend?  What is your favorite album and why?


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