Work Wardrobe Essentials

We’ve all been there, standing in front of the closet trying to find something to wear or waking up only to realize you didn’t hear your alarm and only have a few minutes to get ready. Which is why I love having pieces you can just throw together and head out the door. Here are my go to items for days I am running late or don’t know what to wear.

The Chambray shirt- Effortlessly chic and pairs with everything. It’s a great alternative to a basic white oxford. I wear mine tucked into a skirt or over a long tank with a pair of leggings. My go to is this one from Madewell

Jacket:Miss Sixty , Chambray shirt:Madewell, Belt:H&;M , Skirt:H&M , Ankle boots:Steve Madden

Long tank top- H&M usually has a wide range of basics. My favorite are their long oversize sheer tank tops. On days I am running late I’ll layer it over a cami, throw on a blazer and wear some leggings or skinny pants and boots. I have these in a few colors.

Blazer- Finding the right blazer can be a bit of a search. I like a looser flowy fit. You can find some hidden gems if you take the time to hunt through Goodwill or your local thrift shop. My go to is one from Lush.

A pop of color Blazer:Dress Barn, Bag:KateSpade , Pants:Banana Republic , Flats:Tory Burch

Boyfriend/Oversized Cardigan-One of the ultimate comfort pieces. I recommend getting one in a neutral color and/or a bright color to add a pop of color to a neutral outfit. It looks great paired with a dress or with pants. I love this one from Urban Outfitters

Wardrobe Essentials in one outfit Necklace:BaubleBar, Chambray shirt:Madewell, Sweater:Thrift store, Jacket:Vintage, Bag:Gucci

Plaid shirt- I tend to buy men’s plaid shirts since I like a longer looser fit . I usually wear mine with leggings and a blazer or half tucked into pants. I love this one from Gap.

Striped Shirt- Striped shirts are classic. I am a fan of navy and white or a black/cream combo. I love this from H&M .Dress it up with a statement necklace .

My favorite shirt. Necklace and shirt: J.Crew

What are some of your go to pieces for work?


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