I have a few projects I will hopefully be starting soon. The first project I am interested in doing is a Magic Mirror which requires a Raspberry Pi.If you were to combine a smartphone and a mirror , this would be the end result. I am hoping to start ordering materials for the project within a few weeks.  With that project, I am interested in seeing if I am able to integrate a voice-controlled application called  Jasper.Being able to voice a command and have it appear on the mirror. Depending on if it works or not, I may just make it as a separate small side project. I am super excited to start this .

Lately my boyfriend and I have been trying to finally clear out the apartment and get rid of stuff that hasn’t been used(some things haven’t been taken out of it’s boxes since moving in 3 years ago).Since it is yet to be determined when we are moving, I figured why not re-arrange the furniture or buy a few new items for a different look. My favorite place to go to for coffee ,Recess Coffee Roasters has a Penny table that I always admire, so I figured it would be the perfect time to make my own(Similar to this)So I will probably start the hunt on craigslist and salvation army for the right size table and start collecting pennies.

I am looking forward to starting these projects and documenting the process here on the blog for everyone to follow along.


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