OOTD – 11/4/17

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It is finally starting to feel like fall. I’m sure in about 3 months I’ll be looking forward to seeing the sun and blankets of snow on the ground to vanish, but for now I am enjoying sweater weather.

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  • Old Navy Boyfriend Cardigan-This sweater already has an oversized fit, but I decided to go up a size for an even roomier fit. I have a feeling this is going to be my go to sweater from now until the spring.
  • BDG High Rise Twig-These are still one of my favorite pairs of jeans. I cut offf a few inches on the leg to turn them into a pair of undone cropped jeans and made a slight tear at the knee( you can also buy these which are already ripped at the knee)
  • Old Navy Sueded Ankle Boots– These are the perfect go with everything boots. It gives you just a little height without being uncomfortable for all day wear.
  • UO Double Knit Essential Beanie– As soon as the cold weather hits, this is my go to hat to finish off any outfit. I have the dark gray which is more like a marled black and white knit, but I think I may order this in another color or 2 .

Similar Options

  • Top-I found a few options that will give you a similar look to my striped sleeveless sweater
    • Free People Mock Me Tank– I love the swing fit of this go with everything tank and that it comes in a bunch of colors.
    • Old Navy Mock-Neck Top– I picked this up when I spotted it at Old Navy last week because my closet doesn’t have enough striped (mock) turtleneck sweaters already.
    • Madewell Shirttail Tank-Sleeveless, stripes, and a mockneck.This is the most similar item that I’ve found and it’s on sale which is even better!
  • Purse- While the Tory Burch Dena Crossbody is no longer for sale on the website, you can find it for resale through eBay and Poshmark. Here are a few other similar Tory Burch options
    • Tory Burch Chelsea Mini Crossbody-I love the structured shape of this and the adjustable gold chain makes this a great pick for running errands or for a night out
    • Tory Burch Georgia Crossbody-I love the quilting detail and am in love with the emerald green version
    • Tory Burch Alexa -If I was to add a new bag to my collection, it would probaby be this one. The leather handle and chain detail makes me think of Chanel flap bags. The size is perfect for carrying essentials without having to rummage around to find something
  • Coat- This is my favorite and most worn coat when the cold weather runs around.
    • Madewell Atlas Cocoon– The oversized fit makes this a cinch to put over even the bulkiest of knits and layers. If I thought I had the room for this, I would probably add this version to my closet.
    • Madewell Monsieur Coat– Not quite as oversized as the coat above, but just as chic. I am obsessed with the deep plum shade.
    • Old Navy Coatigan– A cross between a coat and a cardigan, one of these will fight off the chill in the mornings, without making you feel like your wrapped up in a sauna when the day starts to warm up.


  • Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipstick-I am wearing the shade Purple Power. It has a tinge of purple/violet, while still being wearable for everyday.
  • Essence Make Me Brow– Cheap enough to own multiples (I  keep one in my bag and one in my bathroom) and it gets the job done
  • Essence Rock n ‘Doll XXXL Mascara- My HG mascara. It not only adds length and volume, but doesn’t make my wallet cry when it’s time to buy a new tube.
  • Cover Girl Ready, Set, Gorgeous -I’m trying to use up the last of this foundation so I have an excuse to go to Sephora and try out Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty foundation.
  • Mac Mineralize Skinfinish-I use the shade Medium Deep. I usually use this as a bronzer in the summer, but tend to use this more like a blush when wearing a bold lip.


Aside from trying to get back into blogging, I’ve started to pick up the guitar again. I’ve definately gotten a little rusty, but am slowly starting to pick it back up and has been a fun creative outlet for me when I’m not cooking up a storm in the kitchen.





Music Monday

It’s been a while since I last posted(I’m working on a fall fashion post) and even longer since I’ve done one of these posts. Here is what I have been listening to a lot lately.

1.Lana Del Rey- As much as I love Lana, it has always taken me multiple listens of her albums to really love and appreciate them. While I have been listening to her latest release Lust for Life and have my favorite songs from that album and her others, Born to Die is still my favorite.

2.Brand New- One of my favorite bands to listen to in high school.  After 8 years since their last album Daisy, their (brand)new album, Science Fiction is a mix of all of their previous albums. It’s speculated to be their last album by the band which is slightly bittersweet since this is an amazing album.

3.Rancid- As one of my all time favorite bands, I do listen to them frequently, however with all the craziness in the news going on the past few weeks, their music really resonated with me and spent a few days listening to nothing but their entire catalog.

4.Grizzly Bear- 5 years after their last album, the band recently released Painted Ruins. I just started listening to this album the other day so I’m just starting to take the time to really listen to it, but so far this might be my favorite album of theirs.

5.Bon Iver- As much as I love Bon Iver, I didn’t really listen to them as frequently as I normally do this summer, opting to listen to more upbeat and energetic music. You know fall is around the corner since I’ve been starting to listen to them frequently again, specifically the album For Emma, Forever Ago.

6.Phoenix- While Bon Iver hasn’t gotten a lot of listen time from me this summer, the band Phoenix has. Wolfgang Amadeus is still my favorite album of theirs, but I’ve been listening to them on shuffle whether I’m driving in the car or lounging around.


What are some bands/artists you have been listening to lately? Anyone else super excited for cooler weather and fall time?



OOTD- 7/10/17


Looking to get out of my t-shirt routine, I opted for a striped sleeveless sweater with a denim vest on top(I’m obsessed with wearing layers). I’m not a fan of the denim on denim look with the vest, so I decided to wear my trusty pair of black skinny jeans and my favorite pair of Converse to go with a more relaxed vibe. Completing the look is my go to accessory this summer, my bandana from Madewell.


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Hope everyones week is off to a good start so far!



Routine:Hair & Beauty Products


I am by no means a beauty guru, but as of late I find that I’ve been wearing make up more regularly than I have in quite sometime so I decided to share what my current favorite beauty items are right now.



Facewash- I’m currently using Skinfix Foaming Clay Cleanser that I picked up at Target. I like that it gently cleanses your skin without making it feel like its striping your skin of it’s natural oils and it’s 99% Natural ingredients.

Toner- Right now I am using Pearlessence Rose Water and also have their Cucumber Water. I lucked out and found mine at Tj Maxx and Marshalls for around $6.00 each! I use this as a toner and spray it on my face before applying moisturizer

Moisturizer-Another Target find, right now I am using Pacifica Kale Luxe Moisturizer. I like that it doesn’t leave your skin oily or feel like it’s clogging your pores. I love the fresh green scent of it.

When extra moisture is needed for when my skin gets dry I like to use Pearlessence Argon+Vitamin E oil. I love the smell of this , however since it is an oil, it can take some time for your skin to absorb. I grabbed this at my local Marshall’s for $6.99

Masks- My favorite face mask( that I’ve tried so far) is Little Barn Apothecary Cocoa Cardamom mask. I like that the mask is dry so your free to choose what to mix it with to make your mask( yogurt, honey, or plain water). I like to mix it with a small amount of yogurt and absolutely love the smell of cocoa and roses.

Eye Makeup Remover- Out of all types of make up to wear, mascara is my absolute favorite and can be a a complete pain to remove. I love Neutrogena’s Eye Make Up Remover remover which gently gets rid of mascara without damaging my lashes.


makeup tray

Foundation-  Foundation is probably my least favorite type of make up to buy. I absolutely hate having to go to Desiny mall where Sephora is located and Ulta is quite a drive away to get matched for foundation. Buying foundation at the drugstore can sometimes be a trial and error process, however I did find that 2 foundations I own Maybelline’s Fit Me liquid foundation in 210 and Cover Girl’s Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation in 115 blended together is a great match for the time being and I apply them using a beauty blender.coverage

Powder- I am using Essence all about matt! face powder. It goes on clear, is super cheap, and gets the job done. I usually pack this in a small cosmetic pouch and take this with me when I head out the door to reapply through the day to keep my skin from appearing oily and shiny.powder

Blush- For a natural flush cheek I love MAC’s sheertone blush in Gingerly that’s a  pretty peachy/terra cotta color. Since it’s on the sheer side, its easy to build up for a more noticeable color and is asimple matte blush without any shimmer.

When it comes to blush NARS is my favorite brand. I went through a slight Nars Blush obsession and a few pans of their Orgasm blush over the years. Right now my go to shade of NARS blush is LoveJoy which is described as a bronzed rose color. If It has some glitter flecks in it, giving it some shimmer, but no noticeable glitter chunks when you put it on. Since its a bronze/rose color I will use this instead of putting on a blush and bronzer.blush



Mascara- Essence is easily one of my favorite brands of makeup, not only is it super cheap, but the products work really well. After years of searching, I’m pretty sure I finally found my HG(Holy Grail) mascara in Essence Rock N’Roll Doll Mascara. As you can see I own the Volume and Eye-opening version and the crazy XXL Volume. I prefer the eye-opening mascara since I like the curved mascara wand better. While it does smudge a little while putting it on, it’s nothing some eye makeup remover on a cotton swab can’t remove.


Eyebrows– Even on days when I wear no other makeup, I will use Essence Make Me Brow Gel in Browny Brows My only gripe with this product is since it’s so small, I tend to misplace this. I currently have 2 tubes (and almost had to go and buy another before find them both). It fills in eyebrows while still making them appear natural and not overdone.



Top: Revlon Just Bitten Lip balm in Romantic, Revlon Matte Lipstick in Really Red, Stila Long Lasting Lipstick in Beso Bottom: Essence Matte Lipstick in Purple Power and Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in Natural Beauty


As much as I love a bold lip, it usually calls for putting on foundation and the works so unless I have the time, I tend to not wear it as often.

Lip Balm- When I want a red lip, but something not as bold as a lipstick and easy to apply,  Revlon Just Bitten lip balm in Romantic is  I will usually put this on and blot it before following up with Stila’s Beso or on top of Revlon’s Really Red lipstick if I want a little shine.

Liquid Lipstick- Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso is a gorgeous true red lipstick and very long lasting. You need a bit of a steady hand applying this using the doe foot applicator or a lip brush since if you mess up, it’s a pain to remove.


Lipstick-  Revlon is my go to brand for lipsticks since the quality is pretty good and they don’t break the bank so it’s fun to experiment for different shades. Revlon’s Really Red Matte Lipstick is a great dupe to MAC’s Russian Red and lately is my choice for a red lip.

When I want a more subtle look, my go to is Long Lasting Lipstick in Natural Beauty by Essence. I’ve been wanting a dark lipstick so I ended up pucking up another Essence lipstick, their Matt Matt Matt lipstick in Purple Power which is a pretty violet/wine shade and a fun alternative to a red lip.


hair product

If you asked me what my favorite physical feature would be I would say my hair. For me, long hair is easier to style and more managable than having shorter hair. I can get away with waking up, throwing clothes on and head out the door without having to style it and have lots of different options when it comes to styling my hair.

Sea Salt Spray- While I love the result of my hair a day at the beach or volumious toussled hair from sleeping with wet hair, an easy way for me to achieve a similar look is Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray .I either spray a little on to wet hair before blow drying or add product to my hands and work in the product to dry hair.

Hair Spray-I’m pretty lucky when it comes to curling my hair since I can get away with not using hairspray at all. If I want more volume to soft waves I will usually flip my head and spray after brushing out my curls. What I love about  L’oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray is that it’s super light ,doesn’t leave hair crunchy and easily brushes out making hair do-overs easy.

Hair Mask- I am currently on my second tub of Garnier Whole Blends Coconut Water & Vanilla Milk Mask. Mostly because I dropped this in the shower and spilled out. I literally watched my money go down the drain so to speak, but thankfully, it’s easy to find and affordable. This has definately helped make my hair soft and silky smooth and a lot more manageable. which is great due to the sun and heat from outside . This is definately my new favorite product I’ve added to my weekly routine.


What are some of you favorite products that you are currently using?